Warranty Policy


Your new Paragon bike has been designed, developed and manufactured in Great Britain, hand built and expertly assembled by time served craftsmen here in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. In the design and specification of this bike we carefully selected high quality components from some of the best suppliers throughout the world. These suppliers have been inspected, approved and are monitored annually. They have satisfied and exceeded the exacting quality standards developed over our thirty years in the industry. Paragon means “A Model of Excellence” and our mission is to live up to our meaning with a genuine reputation for quality and craftsmanship proudly boasting Made in Great Britain.

Paragon Bicycle products carry a 2-year warranty as standard for the original owner upon production of proof of purchase. Branded components carry the full manufacturer’s warranty, which may vary in duration but will be a minimum of 1 year.

  • This warranty protects the customer against manufacturing faults and physical component defects.
  • Warranty provision is restricted to the original retail purchaser and is not transferable.
  • Original proof of purchase must be provided to validate any warranty claim.
  • The warranty does not include labour and transportation charges.
  • The company cannot accept any responsibility for consequential or special damage.
  • This warranty does not cover the effects of normal wear, nor damage caused by accident, abuse, excessive loads, neglect, modification, improper assembly, improper or insufficient maintenance or the addition of any item or component inconsistent with the original intended use of the bicycle.
  • No bicycle or component is indestructible and no claims can be accepted for damage caused by improper use, competition use, stunt riding, ramp jumping or similar activities.

With all mechanical components, the bicycle is subjected to wear and high stresses. Different materials and components may react to wear and stress fatigue in different ways. If the design life of a component has been exceeded, it may suddenly fail possibly causing injuries to the rider. Any form of crack, scratch or change of colour in highly stressed areas indicate that the life of the component has been reached and it should be replaced immediately using genuine replacement parts where possible.

Carbon Composite Components. Important information. High performance carbon fibre composites have been developed by the aerospace and F1 motor racing industries. They have very high strength low weight characteristics, ideal for high performance bicycles and their components. However, composite materials can fail in a different manner to steel and aluminium and if not treated with extreme care and examined frequently for signs of damage, catastrophic failures can occur. Damaged carbon fibre components do not deform, bend or bulge and it is vitally important for your safety that the following instructions are followed. Examine your bicycle before and after every ride, during your examination look for deep scratches, cracks, surface imperfections such as discolouration or surface roughness. Surface roughness can be assessed by passing a cloth over the surface. Does it snag?  If so de-lamination of the carbon fibres may have occurred. Whilst riding, listen for any unusual or abnormal creaking noises from carbon fibre components as well as noting any change to the riding characteristics of your bicycle. If any of the above signs are found or if any carbon fibre components are subjected to an impact, abrasion or crash damage, immediately stop riding your bicycle and take it to be inspected by your local cycle dealer as it could be structurally unsafe and dangerous to ride.  Modification to this frame and fork in any way will void the manufacturer’s warranty and could render the bicycle unsafe.  Do not use solvents or harsh chemicals to clean these components.  Amild detergent solution and soft cloth is recommended.  Do not clamp anything around the carbon fibre tubes without seeking advice from your dealer as this may diminish the structural integrity of the carbon composition. Do not use mechanical fasteners to attach other parts to the carbon fibre tubes as this may diminish the structural integrity of the carbon composition. All carbon fibre components are limited to twenty four months manufacturer’s warranty due to the lightweight high performance specification.  This warranty is not transferable and only applies to the original purchaser. All claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase. Due to the high value of these components the company reserves the right to delay the dispatch of free of charge replacements until the failed component has been inspected and the claim has been agreed.

Your new bicycle has been designed and manufactured to conform to ISO 4210-2 which is a comprehensive internationally adopted standard.


Warranty Returns Process:

Follow these simple steps if you would like to return an item you have purchased for an inspection by our Warranty Technicians:

  1. Call customer services to log the problem and receive your unique customer returns number.
  2. Customer services will e-mail your returns documents which must be fully completed and securely returned with the product.
  3. Submit the returns documents to customer services with the details of the courier and tracking details.
  4. Carefully protect the products for transportation and pack with extra care as we cannot be held responsible for transit damage on the return journey with the courier.
  5. Label the product as instructed making sure they are secured to the external packaging.

Please post your returns to the following address: –

FAO: Priority Customer Services

Paragon Cycles
Unit 5, Eastgate Park,
Arkwright Way
DN16 1AE, United Kingdom

We recommend using a secure delivery method for returning goods (such as Royal Mail First Class Recorded Delivery) or a trusted professional courier. These methods usually require a signature upon receipt and insures you for the cost of the items.

Please contact our customer services team if you have any warranty related enquiries.

UK Telephone: (+44) 01724 781 634 or, email: cst@paragon-cycles.uk