ISO Compliance Page

Designed and built to ISO Standards.

During the conception and design of our bikes manufacturing standards have always been of paramount importance. Standards have changes several times over the years but rest assured all of our bikes conform with the most recent design and assembly standards.

ISO-4210:2014 was written in conjunction with and published by the (BSI) British Standards Institution. BSI is the national body responsible for preparing British Standards and other standards-related publications and services and is incorporated by Royal Charter. British Standards and other standardisation products are published by BSI Standards Limited.

The International Standard ISO-4210:2014 was fully adopted by The BSI in 2015 and supersedes all other BS and En standards.

This International Standard was developed in response to demand throughout the world, its aim is to ensure that bicycles manufactured in compliance with the standard are as safe as practically possible. The tests were designed to ensure strength and durability of individual parts as well as of the complete bicycle as a whole, demanding high quality throughout and consideration of safety aspects from the design stage onwards. Its scope has been limited to safety considerations and specifically avoids standardisation of components.

If the bicycle is to be used on public roads both ISO-4210:2014 and the Road Traffic Act 1991 apply.